Fomentation pads for hydrotherapyFomentation Pads: Fomentation pads have been used in hydrotherapy for many years with great success. A fomentation is simply the application of moist heat to a body part. It is usually applied by means of a hot, damp cloth. This effective treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases. Fomentations make it possible to bring relief to areas of the body which may be difficult to treat by immersing them in water. Fomentations of various sizes can be used to warm an area preparatory to another treatment, or as the hot application for a contrast treatment followed by a cold application. Fomentations can be heated in a variety of ways, depending upon the heat source available in a home. This Fomentation pad is sewn together with several layers of cotton.  This pad is designed to hold heat much better than the regular towel. First dampen the pad and then heat, and cover with a Woolen Blanket before application to the intended area. To learn more about how to use this and when to use it click here. Price: $24.95


Woolen blanket Woolen Blanket: This woolen blanket is sewn to fit around the Fomentation Pad. The wool helps to hold the heat during the treatment making your time more effective in the long run. Price: $19.95








Friction mitts for cold mitten friction

Friction Mitts: A very simple design, the mitts offer a simple solution to the difficulty found in doing cold friction on a person. You really can’t appreciate the simplicity of these mitts until you’ve tried to do a good friction treatment on someone with just a washcloth. Following is a smaller picture of how these are used. Price: $12.95


Friction mitts









Hydrotherapy throat compress

Throat Compress: The Throat Compress is an age old remedy! With a long slender cotton cloth (has a nice soft, felt-like surface) and a warm wool outer cloth this simple treatment can be your save-the-day experience. To learn more about how to use this simple treatment you can click here. Price: $12.95










Russian steam tent

Russian Steam Tent: The Russian Steam Tent is a simple easy way that you can introduce a steam sauna into the comfort of your own home. Price: $39.95











Hydrotherapy DVD & book

Hydrotherapy Instructional DVD & Manual: This concise but thorough DVD & book combo is a must-have for anyone serious about natural remedies and health. For centuries, many people have dealt with their own health issues by necessity or choice.  Simple methods that were easily mastered made it possible for non-professionals to deal with these issues when help was unavailable. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in many of these simple home remedies.  Concern about health preparedness during disasters as well as an explosion in natural methods of treatment have fueled this movement. Knowledge of many old-fashioned methods abounds today, but an almost untouched area of essential knowledge exists.  Hydrotherapy, sometimes called water therapy, was one of the simplest, least expensive and most effective areas of treatment  used by those of  yester-year.   It was  used  for  everything  from  muscular  injuries  to  pandemics,  with   excellent effectiveness.  Now you have the opportunity to learn how it’s done! Each treatment covered in the book is demonstrated on the companion DVD. Price: $30 – Order by phone or online here.


Hydrotherapy kit

Hydrotherapy Kit:

*Fomentation Pad (4)

*Woolen Cover (3)

*Friction Mitts (1 Set = 2 Mitts)

*Throat Compress

*Russian Steam Tent

*Hydrotherapy Instructional DVD & Manual @ $30.00

Price: $255.50